A new study carried out by the British scientists revealed that it takes a person 10,000 hours of practice to become ace in a certain discipline. They say that top sportsmen and soccer players were all able to become masters in their field by achieving the level where their time of practice reached 10,000 hours. To achieve this we need to practice more to achieve this magic number, this is not always possible. As soccer players we need to be averaging 7,500-10,000 touches a month. Our recent study showed some interesting findings. We took one player & counted the amount of times he touched the ball in different environments. This was from training sessions to a match.

Session 1 (90 minutes)
20 minute warm up, working 1 ball in pairs passing. 192 touches.
Phase of Play and patterns of play. 53 touches.
Overall touches – 245.

Session 2 (80 minutes)
Warm up, individual with a ball each. 190 touches.
Possession and small sided game. 162 touches.
Overall touches – 352

Game (80 minutes)
Warm up, 20 minutes. 164 touches.
During game, 60 minutes. 86 touches.
Overall touches – 250.

Over two training sessions and 1 match (1 week) the player had 847 touches, that’s less than 4000 touches a month. SoccerTouch allows you to exceed way and beyond that easily.